The Frictions were formed in 2006 by Chris Eckman from Seattle legends The Walkabouts (voice & guitar), Bernard Kogovšek (guitar) and Tomi Popit (bass) from Hic et Nunc and Luka Šalehar (drums) from Kamerad Krivatoff. Since its creation the band has shared stages with artists like Mudhoney, Steve Wynn & Vlado Kreslin and has played not only in Slovenia, but also in Italy, Austria and Serbia. This year they will appear at festivals in Germany and Montenegro.

While holding to their own musical path, The Frictions sound echoes forward from past rock


icons like Television, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, and the Dream Syndicate. It is music for drunken nights and deserted highways.

The Frictions debut album Halogen Sky was recorded old school style, live to analog tape, over a long weekend in the spring of 2011.

Finally after years rattling the pipes in their basement rehearsal space, the album is ready and the band is prepared to rattle a stage, somewhere near you.